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By donating to the TAIH, you’re investing in every TAIH program, initiative, social service, lesson, publication, dawah, fundraiser and more, as well as our masjid, TAIH Centre and future developments.

What The New Centre Will Provide

Prayer Hall

A spacious beautifully designed prayer hall featuring the lower level for men & an upper level for women

Islamic Social Services

Marriage Ceremonies, Friday Prayers, Tarraweeh Prayers, Family Nights, Sisters Outings & much more

Quran & Arabic Classes

A Quran & Arabic College that caters for all ages, enriching the community with knowledge preserving the words of Allah SWT


Uniquely crafted Wudu areas for Men and Women, Three Bedroom Ensuite Apartment for the Sheikh, Library and Education Facilities, Islamic Funeral Services, Halal Café, indoor sporting centre and much more

Recording Studio

Media has become the world's largest platform for reaching out to people, hence the new masjid will feature a state of the art production studio that aims to tackle issues and spread the message of Islam worldwide.

Our Current Stage of Construction

The Masjid is currently Now at its final stages of Construction. The remaining phase that needs to be completed is the Landscaping. Help Us Complete This Islamic Centre That Is Needed For The Growing Muslim Population

Prayer Hall


Mehrab Design


Wudu Areas


Islamic Designs




Landscaping Future Vision


Our Vision & Mission

AIH Vision
To be the Centre of Excellence for Developing and Sustaining a Vibrant Australian Community.
AIH Mission
To provide a spectrum of religious and social services to the Islamic and wider community.
Become apart of Our Legacy, Your Legacy, and the Legacy of Prophet Muhammad SAW

Our Values

The Australian Islamic House believes that having values to stand by, allows us to align ourselves to the core of Islam:

  • Devotion
  • Excellence
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Responsibility
  • Service
  • Leadership
  • Inspiration

Underpinning our mission, vision and values, we are looking towards a bright future where our youth can learn, grow and excel in all facets of life.

To achieve this outcome, we embark on a journey to build The Australian Islamic House Life Academy
We anticipate to have a multifunctional centre with indoor sports, café, and specialised classrooms for education.

Become apart of Our Legacy, Your Legacy, and the Legacy of Prophet Muhammad SAW