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Media Release 6/10/2021 - MASJID REOPENING

As a result of the recent health orders we are pleased to announce that the doors of the Masjid will be opened for all prayers commencing Monday 18 October / 12 Rabia al-awwal subject to government targets being met. We wish to remind our brothers and sisters about some very important matters. The proposed public health orders effective on 18 October allow for both fully vaccinated worshippers as well as unvaccinated worshippers to attend the masjid subject to the 4sq meter rule. The AIH Management propose to comply with the health orders as stipulated. Important Note: (i) All attendees must scan the QR Code (or sign in) prior to attending the masjid
(ii) All worshippers must wear masks when on the AIH site – inside and outside the masjid.
(iii) All worshippers must adhere to social distancing rules and general hygiene.
(iv) No worshippers who are ill or have flu like symptoms are permitted to attend the site irrespective of being vaccinated or not. Those with weak immune systems are also advised to pray at home or outside in the open space.
(v) While ablution facilities will be available In-shaa-Allah, it is recommended that worshippers made wudu at home where possible before attending the masjid.

Mazhar Hadid