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At Inferno Films, we provide a complete holistic approach towards creating a well orchestrated solution for our clients. Not only do we provide video services but everything in between to make sure your event is impactful.

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Livestreaming has never been in such high demand. At Inferno Films, we understand the struggle in trying to organise an in person event during these testing times. 

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1. Promotional Video

Our team of videographers will shoot and produce a promo video that will engage audiences to tune in and watch your event

2. Marketing Strategy

Our team of highly skilled developers will create an all inclusive marketing strategy to to successfully reach potential viewers

3. Content Creation

We will create a unique theme design that will be utilised to create flyers, social media posts and graphics needed to go to market

4. Studio Set Design

Our state of the art studio based in North Sydney will be transformed into a customised space that is unique to your organisation/business that best represents your call to action

5. Broadcast Equipment

Utilising only the best TV grade broadcast equipment along with a professional crew that will ensure quality across all aspects of production

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There hasn’t been a better time for your business or organisation to begin to engage with customers online. Speak to one of our marketing specialists to find out more on how we can be of service to your business/organisation today

We Provide An All Inclusive Service for a Unique Approach

We at Inferno Films believe that strategic marketing is just as important as the Live Broadcast itself. Leading people to your online event is crucial to the success of your online event. Our experienced team of web developers will create a dedicated landing page for your event that leads your audience to your call to action. Along with social media advertising and organic leads, we will ensure your online event reaches a targeted worldwide audience


Landing Page Development
Social Media Management

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Marketing Services

Email Marketing
SMS Marketing
Google Adwords
Web Development
Graphic Design
Social Media
Content Creation
Online Auctions


Events that can be hosted

Online Live Fundraisers, talk shows, podcasts, Sporting Events, Webinars, ect

Professional Live Video Production Setup & Studio

Utilising the newest in live production technology, we provide a wide range of professional cameras, lenses, jibs, dollies, gimbals, cabling, LED lighting, green screen, TV Screens, production switchers and ultra fast internet connection. We will also provide a set designer to articulate a unique studio design that communicates your business/organisation’s key message.

Professional Equipment
North Sydney Based Studio

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Professional Marketing & Livestreaming Package

This strategically crafted package is the ultimate live event package recommended for a Live Fundraising event
$ 14999

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Event Promo Video Production
  • Content Creation
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Landing Page Development
  • Facebook Livestreaming
  • Youtube Livestreaming
  • Live Video Director
  • 3+ Camera Operators
  • Professional Audio Technician
  • Ultra Fast Internet Connection
  • 4+ 4k TV Production Cameras
  • Video Switcher
  • Proffessional Studio Hire
  • Studio Set Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Google Adwords
  • SMS & Email Marketing
  • Online Auction

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*Please note that the above is an approximate estimation of the cost and may incur in changes due to your requirements

Basic Livestreaming Package

This package is a basic live event package recommended for small events tight on budget
$ 4999

  • Facebook Livestreaming
  • Youtube Livestreaming
  • Live Video Director
  • 2 Camera Operators
  • Professional Audio Technician
  • Ultra Fast Internet Connection
  • 2 TV Production Cameras

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*Please note that the above is an approximate estimation of the cost and may incur in changes due to your requirements

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